FLstudio Templates

Workflow Templates

All the the templates are made for the workflow within FLstudio. They can be used for making a music track or any other sound related job / hobby.

If you like what you are seeing and want me to invest even more in workflow templates. You can donate me in anyway you like. I don’t want you to feel obliged to do so.

Ill do my best to create more workflow templates for FLstudio.

Workflow Templates

Here are the templates for your workflow within FLStudio.

Genre Templates

Here are the workflow templates for all different genres. They are with musical structure or without.

How to added the template to your folder:

Search for your FLstudio folder
For example:
.:Program Files (x86)Image-Line/FL Studio/Data/Projects/Templates

Make a new folder or use the existing folders.
Paste the files in the new folder and open FLstudio.
Go to > file >new from template > (Name folder) and there should be the new templates.

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If you like the templates so far, you can donate a small amount. so I can make more templates in the near future. Also ill added your name on my website

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