Moog Modular

Some of you may have heard about the term Modular synthesizers. Recently I have been discovering the (semi) Modular synthesizers. For example the Modular synthesizers of MOOG are well designed for a beginner. Also they deliver for each synthesizer a well explained manual. The DFAM, Subharmonicon and Mother – 32 can be combined and synchronized.

By combining the three synthesizers, creating new sounds and playing with the Modular synthesizers give me a more intuitive way of making music. You may ask your self: isn’t this also possible in your DAW ? Having physical knobs does have his perks. You don’t have to click with your mouse, effects aren’t necessarily needed.

The raw sound give you that analog feeling. Although you can still give the sounds some bite through a reverb or delay. Maybe some tape warmth or a compressor to saturate for your needs. Anyway here is a short clip of what is possible. (Beginner)