Sound and effect details about my album: the lost agenda

We all know that most electronic music is compressed to the limit. We’re the live music bands are less compressing and keeping the dynamics of there tracks alive. With this in mind, I had set a goal for all the tracks on my album: Keep the dynamics alive.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t use compression. I use a compressor in many different ways. For example: keeping the dynamics in check with the other sounds, compressing a resonance in a sound. Gluing all sounds together.

The other goal I had set was: Sound design experimenting with one sound in a track. With this goal I had to extend and re-learn some synthesizers. This helped me a lot to appreciate the standard synthesizers of FLstudio.

A important note on the overall sound is that you will need to use your volume knob. Don’t be shy to turn it up over 50%. The album is not hard compressed like most electronic music.

Thank you for reading and pre-save my album: