Album name: The Lost Agenda

The name of my album took me a long time. There were some other album names that were not in context with the music track titles. It does have some how a connection with the panademic. Most of all with the chaotic news and conspiracys. Its a emotional expression converted in music. And I dont mean to influence people or let them think otherwise about certain organisations. As I mentioned before, its a music art, a expression.

The lost agenda, forgotten events that will repeat its self. Spoken in language that needs to be decoded by ancients. Nature is reserved. The mental matrix carved into the human mind. Do we still believe or are we wandering off ? They will measure, see it through the eyes of civilization. Adjusting human and nature, which will evolve or exctinct. To extent in a process of Art.mind.Int humanoid.

When my album is released, ill be posting blog storys about the music track titles. Some of the music track storys are told in my previous blogs. Those storys will have a detailed explenation. Keep in mind, this not to influence or a statement. This is a (emotional )expression, story or fictional art.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.