Album track 10.1: Social Matrix

If you seperate a chocolate bar into two pieces. Would you share it for a reason or would you eat it in front of the other human being without a reason ? Can we reason with eachother or is the illusion a face to divide ?

The track has a lot of changes. This time I removed the Poizone melody.
I used a toxicbiohazard to make a rhytmical lead. The sequence has a lenght of 14. The swing and random button are ON.

SEQ 14 preset MATRIX

The biggest change is the kick and the bass kick. That double bass is made with Fruity Delay 3. Recorded in Edison and after that pasted in the playlist on the offbeat. PEQ2 to remove all the low frequencys. (50 – 60HZ)

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Here is a small preview:

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