Album track 3.2: Fear your Shell

On this day, this year and in the future. Do you fear what is coming. Do you fear what has come into your mind ? Was this injected by: words, pictures or maybe the opnions of other people ?

This title of the track has a deeper meaning then I wrote here.

The track has a lot of changes.

Changing the kickdrum to kick2 – preset: Boing 4. Also I changed the bass sound with my Moog Slim Phatty. Preset – Deep and Dark. The filter is manually used for the recording.

The melody is slightly changed and also the sound. FLEX had the right sound. Preset: Miracoulus. This sound is supporting the uplifting harmonys.

I also deleted Transistor Bass, because this didn’t fit the track at all.

Previous blog album track 3.1

Thank you for reading and here is a small preview

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