Album track 2.1: Inject Lost

Album track 2 has finally a name: Inject Lost. Though the name is inspired by the vaccin of the new COVID19. Give the name a thought and maybe you will be understanding what my intention is about this track.

I changed a lot of sounds and added a bunch of extra SFX. First I changed the Kickdrum with the plugin Kick2. Here I chose the Techno kick preset SA Techno 06. This kickdrum harmonized well with the Moog Minitaur Bass. This bass is PEQ2 between 20hz and 125hz.

On the kickdrum I also used Kick2 for a topkick. PEQ2 to remove most of the bass. The topkick is on 2Khz boosted around 2dB.
Also there is a distinct metal sound. This was made with standard percussions from FLstudio. Fracture Perc 12 and MA NightVisions Perc.
Fracture Perc 12 note is set on C4. MA NightVisions Perc is pitched down to 1200 cents. Together they make that metal sound.

The fast delayed arp percussion is from Poizone. Preset is from the Xenoswork pack – Go with the flow. The decay is very short to make it a arp percussion.

Here is the previous blog about this track

Thank you for reading and here is a small preview:

Inject Lost 2.1