Album track 12: Menacing Lies

My inspiration for this track was the 1990s rave. Especially the underground scene. Nico Moreno is also a inspiration for this track. His techno is industrial, something beyond the rave and vocals that give you chills when you hear them.

I started with a 909 kick . Made the kick a little longer. To achieve a more rawness I used two fast distortions. PEQ2 to boost around 800hz and dip around the low mids 400 – 500hz. After a while I made from the 909 kick a sub-bass around 20Hz.

I changed the 909 kick with the plugin Kick2. Here I used a kick from the techno presets.

I used the transistor bass to make a soft lead . The cutoff is automated and more aggressive when the cutoff opens up.

I used the standard vocals from FLstudio to make some dark whispering sound.
Pitched down to -1200 cents and a patcher to modify the sound.

The following hi-hats are added: attack hi-hat 03, 04 and 05. They are in combination with each other. Using grossbeat to manipulate the volume with the preset 1/4 Dynamic.

Thank you for reading and here is a preview:

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