Album track 5.1: Art.Mind.Int

The name of this track will be Art.Mind.Int. There is a meaning to the name.
Art: Artificial
Mind: Mind
Int: Intelligence
Are we aware of the A.I that maybe is lingering around on the internet ?
Or is there a machine that maybe has a A.I implemented ?
This track is a story of that question. A story of a A.I that is implemented/imported into a brain, a mind. Walking through the streets like a human being, a mind of a artificial human being.

Its a track that is more experimental. The intro got a overhaul. Using foley recording to give the story more context in sound. Passing cars, footsteps, keys etc etc.
Those sounds are from the Music Radar free sample library. In that library there is map with foley recording / world sounds.
The other SFX sounds are also from the Music Radar free sample library.

Also I added a Modular V3 from Arturia. With the preset Berliner. Changed the arp setting on a slower tempo.
This sound is supporting the rest of Reaktor 6 – FLESH

Thank you for reading