Album track 8

Just some acid from transistor bass. I always had the idea to use patcher for double transistor bass. But the result is different then what I had in mind.
Probably the use of standard plugins and a laptop speaker. Anyway I should’t blame the plugins and speakers. Just the lack of my creativity.

The kick drum I used is a Attack kick 58 pitched down to 100 cents.
For the hi-hat I used Attack hi-hat 03 and 04. Hi-hat 03 is used with a very short decay and a direct attack. Hi-hat 04 is the release for hi-hat 03. Both hi-hats have a transienst processor on the insert.

Transient Processor
I used a lot of transistor bass in this concept track. The first acid sound you hear is the preset 74 repeater in transistor bass. This one needed to be plucky but consisted through out the whole track.

Transistor Bass preset repeater
Another sound for percussion is the  Fracture rim 07. This one is standard without any effects on the insert.
The first sound you hear on the intro is a Toxic Biohazard preset. Darkstar 1
I only used a PEQ2 to remove some sub and bass. The other pad you hear is from the synthesizer Sytrus with the preset: Pathetic Pad. (Yes there is a preset like that xD)

 Here is a small preview.

Recently I bought the plugins: Kick 2, Modular V3 (Arturia) and Buchla Easel V (Arturia)
The atmosphere of the track is still the same. I have added the Modular V3  and a Kick 2.
The Modular V3 has a step sequencer, changing some wires and turning some knobs gave me the right sound. I used the preset: Sequence Geiss.
Modular V3 album track 8

The Modular V3 has a small sidechain. When the transistor bass is playing the modular v3 will be ducked in volume. They were both fighting for some room in the frequency spectrum.

Here is a small preview :

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