Album track 7

The idea of this concept track was minimalistic, ambient and a little dark. Yes I really like dark sounds and a atmosphere that could give you chills.

This is the first concept that I made in my home studio. I only used PEQ2 to remove some bass and give room to the other sounds. The hihat is a Downstream hihat 08 from the modeaudio sample pack. Also you hear a lowerd tom (Housegen tom 07), it is pitched down to – 400 cents.

The main sound in the breakdown is made with poizone. The picture below are the settings, the cutoff is automated.

Poizone album track 7
The first sound that you hear is a pad sound. This pad sound is a preset from morphine: PAD D50 Pad FG

Morphine album track 7 preset D50 pad
There is noise on the background to fill up the rest of the track. This sound is coming from toxic biohazard. With the preset: Cavernous. I removed most of the harmonics to get the white noise from the preset. I used a fruity love philter and a PEQ2. The love philter settings are: highpass and a small resonance (5%).

Toxic biohazard album track 7 preset Cavernous

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
Here is a small preview: