Album track 3.1

Album track 3.(1) has come with a lot of changes. At first I changed the whole atmosphere to give it a more dark approach. I combined serveral Analog Lab 4 sounds to achieve. The main sound is from Solina as you can see in the picture below.
Analog Lab 4 preset Brody Time

The kick has changed into Attack kick 29 and I used the envelope to shorten the kick. The bass is from Analog Lab4- jupiter-8.

Sample kickdrum attack kick 29 album track 3
Transistor bass has also changed. The acid bass is more aggressive and a lead sound. The other sound is from toxic biohazard. Its a sequence that I shortend.Toxic biohazard album track 3.1
The preset is Housegroove, I put the drive on 50% to give it a more bite and aggressive tone. The EG Amount is also slighty lowerd. There is a small moving low pass filter.
The lead is like a question and anwser style.

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Thank you for reading and have a nice day. Here is a small preview: