Album track 5

The consisted flow of social media en social distancing. This track name will maybe named after the COVID19. something like Consisted Constitution 19

This track started with Poizone. I made the small melody in the intro with poizone. Also the fast synthesized hihat was made with poizone. On both Poizone are the arpeggios activated, they are the key to the rythm of this track.

Poizone my own preset 1Attack Kick 33 and hihat (Housegen Hihat 08) are added. On the attack kick 33 is a blood overdrive to make the kick a little bit louder. The hihat is clean and a PEQ2 is added to remove some sub-bass and mid frequencys

Small preview:

Here is another update.

The sounds did not have the right atmosphere. It had to be more mysterious and outer space. A sharper edge to the sounds but also heavenly. Pads that will give the heavens a sound of redemption. And inbetween a mysterious pitching sound.

This was made with Reaktor 6: Flesh – preset Fennec Fox

Automating the spectrum to give a little dynamic in the harmonics. Also the percussion is automated. The character knob is also automated, you will hear it clearly in the breakdown.

To support those sounds I used the Analog lab (normal) with the Prophet 5 and the preset Ethnik Paradox.

Thank you for reading and here is a small preview: