Change: Album track 2 (previous name: Album song)

Sorry for the confusion of the album tracks. Soon ill be giving most of them a name to keep track of the blog posts.

So the first change I made for album track 2 was the synthesizer pad. It had to be more industrial and dark.  So I pitched toxic biohazard down to -12. Now you can hear that the pad is more metal sounded. The drive in toxic biohazard is on 50% to give it a more bite and rawness.

The kickdrum is more prominent and infront. Bloodoverdrive is now giving 10% more saturation.
The fast synthesized hi-hat is also one octave down. I added bloodoverdrive to give the fast synthesized hi-hat noise on the 10kHz. Removed all the frequencys below 1200Hz.

The lead has a drastic change, because I was not satisfied with the sound and melody.
At first I changed the sequence of transistor bass into a more dark acid bass. Keeping the preset sound: aggressor and give it more distortion. I used the distortion in transistor bass.Transistor Bass aggressor distortion

There was still something missing in the overall atmosphere of the track. So I added Analog lab 4 with the ARP 2600 preset: Current. The cutoff is automated.ARP2600 preset Current
thank you for reading and have a nice day, here is another small preview: