Album track 1

After hearing my previous concept track, I was disappointed in the melody.
It was not the right sound and it didn’t gave me the right atmosphere for the track.
It had to be more mysterious and dark. Heavy bass and a pluck acid sound that surges through.

So I changed the lead sound with Analog Lab 4 – preset Acid BingeAnalog Lab 4 preset Acid Binge

The Cutoff, Chorus and Delay are automated. Using those three to give the sound a more lively dynamic atmosphere.

The previous transistor bass was more of a melody. I changed the sound into a acid pluck. I pitched it 2 octaves and changed the the sequencer.

The low sub bass is from my Moog Slim Phatty. (Preset grindbass) With a Neve 1073 on it for a more warming and fuzzy sound.

For now the track is coming together more nicely. It gives the right atmosphere what I had in mind.

Thank you for reading and here another small preview.

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