Progress music production blog – Start Techno album

The start of progress and music production blog.

My goal with this blog is to inspire other music producers and people who likes to read how a music track is made. I know there are lot of other guides and inspiring people. But I hope I can show you my unorthodox music techniques with the simple philosopy: K.I.S (Keep It Simple).

Ill be explaining the concept ideas and all the other details on most sounds. I also hope this will give people more insight how a music producer is working on a music track or any other music related jobs.

I started with the first track for my new album. Using my music structure template for fast concept ideas. Unfortunately I don’t have a name for my techno album yet.

The kick is a standard kick from FLstudio Modeaudio pack(attack kick 14 pitched down -400).On the attack kick 14 are some effects as you can see on the picture .Mixer album song 2 The rumble behind the kick is created with Fruity convolver.

I used the attack kick 14 to make the rumble. The rumble has a parametic equalizer 2 (PEQ2) on the insert to remove some bass and low sub. Grossbeat for sidechaining to give the kick some more room.

After that, I used all the standard samples from Modeaudio to fill up the rest of the patterns. They have some simple Parametric equalizer 2 (ill be using PEQ2 as a short term) to remove some bass and to even out the volumes.

2020-06-26 11_18_39-Album song 2.flp - FL Studio 20

Transistor Bass for some techno acid and standard toxic biohazard presets for some ambient and pads. For the transistor bass I use the preset 93 aggressor sound. The pattern is self made within transistor bass.

Toxic biohazard preset is Angrystar and Resonice for the pads. I did not tweak any parameters on toxic biohazard. On pozione I made a synthesized fast pluck / Hi-hat. Here I use the LP (low pass) cutoff to build up the volume of the sound.

I set poizone on default, set the amplifier ADSR all down (There should be no sound coming out of poizone). Then set the decay (D) around 90  to 150 ms and it will sound like a pluck. For more bite to the sound, use the sustain (S).

Don’t forget to activate the arpeggiator mode in poizone. Set the tempo sync (TMP sync) on 1/16 to have a fast pluck. There is still a small secret in the sound design. Maybe you can find it and post it in the comments below.
Poizone my own preset 2 album song 2

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

On the sidenote: I’m using my laptop speakers to make those concepts.

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