Online mixing (ENG)

I was encouraged to start online mixing by the rise of working in-the-box (DAW) that has happened in the last couple of years. With this, I do want to stress that I see music as something different. I view music as an artistic outlet of feelings or as a story that needs to be told by you.

I do not have the luxury of an acoustically adapted space or the best plugins/hardware. What I do have is the way in which I mix, and the personal touch I can give to your audio track. Of course this is also dependent on your personal taste.

DAW: FLstudio20
Audio Interface: Focusscarlett 18i20
Monitors: Genelecs 8020 CPM en KRK Rokit 8 G3 + Subwoofer KRK 10S
Mixer: Soundcraft EFX8
Plugins: Standard FLstudio plugins

UAD (Universal audio) – 1176LN, 1176SE, Fairchild 660 compressor , Fairchild 670 compressor, Neve 1073 Preamp, Precision Limiter, Precision Multiband, Precision EQ, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec Pro EQ, Realverb Pro, Teletronix LA-2A Levelling Amplifier.

How does it work?

You send in your audio track with all the separate wave files, potentially with an example mix or a reference track. When I have received your email with the audio track, I will send you a confirmation email with additional information.

I will send you a 24bit wave file when the mix is finished, so you can listen to it at ease at home, or wherever you want.

Please note: I don’t do mastering because mixing is something else. The techniques used in mastering are totally different from those used in mixing engineering. I advise you to have someone else do the mastering, because they listen to a mix in a totally new way. I have listened to your mix a couple of times already.

What are the costs?

Most of the mix engineers work with standard prices. My philosophy – as mentioned above – is that music is an artistic expression, or a story that needs to be told by you, has led me to the following:


You decided how much you are willing to pay for my mixing. It is also possible to not donate anything, but it would be highly appreciated if you mention my name in the description of your project.

Please note: Dates can’t be negotiated about since I work based on donations.

For inquiries:

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